Wellness through Self-Improvement

blog 1Let’s start off with an explanation of that ever so catchy phrase I have coined for my blog. I believe that each one of us can better themselves every day. In some capacity, everyone is looking for a way to improve their lives. Some try to earn more money while others focus on their image. The reality is that most of us don’t know how to improve our lives or even realize that we need to.  We may feel that something is missing or that we are under-achieving in some way, but we have no idea how to fix it.

Herein lies the purpose of my blog. I too have felt that something was missing in my life. I found myself wondering if I could be something more. I recognized the need, but I had no means of satisfying it. This led me to make the conscious decision to try to better myself and thus, better my life. I started small by working out, cleaning my car and trying to eat better. Then I decided to go bigger. Much bigger. I sold all my possessions, packed my life into 3 duffel bags and moved to Reno, Nevada. I know, that may sound a bit drastic and I’m not advocating life-upheavals, but the point remains the same. I consciously made the decision to better my life and I pulled the trigger. Want to know what happened? It worked.

My drastic move is on the far extreme of methods to improve your life and it’s not the best choice for everyone. There are countless small measures you can take to improve your life, every day. This is where my blog comes in. My goal is for every person who visits my page to leave with some means of improving their lives. My job will be to scour the internet for information, absorb it, and relay it back to you with a bit of my loveable spin. I will provide an honest, unbiased source for simple and effective means of improving your quality of life.

To prove my commitment to this purpose, I will serve as the guinea pig for the methods I will blog about. That may be as simple as trying out a healthy recipe, or as freaky as getting acupuncture (yes, I will be trying this). I am willing to do this because I believe in my purpose: To provide you with helpful tips to improve your life. I am too young to be wise with age and experience, but I will make up for it with trial and error and unbridled enthusiasm. In the end, my message is clear. It’s not hard to improve your life, the hard part is deciding that you need to.